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ALERT: We do NOT make outbound calls. If you receive a phone call pretending to be MM TECH TOOLS representative, asking for any personal information, renewal of services or stating company is shutting down or going out of business Please do not share any information or your computer screen.. Hang Up and YOU initiate and dial our phone number to ensure that you are talking to our staff.Please Reply if you have received any of such calls.

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

We are a US based company who aspires to serve our clients with genuine Technical tools and solutions at a relatively cost-effective price range.

We bring excellence in providing a wide range of services, like website development, technical support, network archiving, data security and application development facilities to our customers. We help organizations to excel in their every endeavor be it internal management, brand promotion, security etc. We also provide impeccable surveillance services to our clients by providing firewall services so that their data can stay secure from intruders and rogue employees.

We also provide genuine programming services to big organizations for different areas viz. software maintenance, workforce regulation etc. It is very necessary to get impeccable programming services as it helps an organization to get updated. We provide great data archiving facilities to our clients with which they can keep their data safely and can retrieve it according to their needs. Through our data archiving facilities organizations can save a large amount of money on paperwork. We also provide great Search Engine Optimization facilities to our clients with which they can promote their business on a global platform.

We can promote the business of our clients on several social networking sites and over search engines. Our clients can gather more opportunities so that they excel in every business endeavor. We also provide training to corporate executives so that they can learn how to use the new softwares effectively. We know that it is very crucial for an employee to know the technicalities of advanced or upgraded software to increase the productivity of the organization. We also assist our client's incorrect data retrieval from the cloud which would help them to overcome any unwanted loss.

We also give impeccable security measures to our clients with the help of a wide range of sophisticated products viz. biometric scanner, electronic forms, signature pads etc. We work on IT security because it is one of the most crucial points at the present time. We also provide a wide range of computers to business organizations. Smart and trendy computing systems are the need of an hour as they help a business organization to accelerate its procedures. We provide good quality printers, webcams, scanners and projectors which help an organization to operate smoothly.

We also give impeccable technical support to the customers so that they can get genuine solutions to the problems related to Information Technology. We also provide tech support on behalf of other organizations so that they can give great tech support services to their clients We also provide a wide range of networking services to our clients with the help of which they can get smooth access to the internet. We provide ethical hacking for government and semi-government organizations so that they can figure out various threat elements on the nation. With the help of these services, we are able to make out unethical hackers who are considered a threat to a nation.