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ALERT: We do NOT make outbound calls. If you receive a phone call pretending to be MM TECH TOOLS representative, asking for any personal information, renewal of services or stating company is shutting down or going out of business Please do not share any information or your computer screen.. Hang Up and YOU initiate and dial our phone number to ensure that you are talking to our staff.Please Reply if you have received any of such calls.

Meet Our Team

Our Team

We are a US based company with a team of expert IT personnel who work in accordance to your specific needs and provide you with impeccable services.

WEB DESIGNING: We have several teams of web developers, designers, programmers, security personnel etc. from whom you can avail different types of services at an economical price. We have a team of web developers who would help you to promote your brand over the internet. Our web developers will create great user-friendly sites which are predictable and easy to navigate thus giving great user experience.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: The team of web developers will also help you in by providing Search Engine Optimization technique; with the help of this technique, you can get a large number of customers over the net. These experts will help you to gather more traffic for your website by making genuine back links which will help you to get referrals. We also have a team of website designers who would help your user to have a great experience while using the site. These experts will help you to attract more and more users because of the good graphical content.

With the help of web design and development, you can easily give a unique look to your official website which will help you to advertise your business at a global platform. The team of programmers will help your organization in updating its system and software so that you can increase the revenue of your firm. These professional programmers usually code typical programmers costumed for your use and needs which will help you to speed up the processing of your organization. Our professionals will help you to give quality customer service which will help you to retain a customer for longer time duration.

NETWORK SECURITY: Our network security experts will help your organization by providing impeccable and sophisticated security gadgets viz. biometric devices, sign pads, and electronic pads. These instruments will help you to stay safe and protect your documents and electronic money transfer which is prone to hacking. Our security specialists will help you to create a secure environment inside your company by protecting data theft and misuse by unethical employees. These personnel also provide genuine electronic locks and surveillance system to keep out and track any suspicious activity inside the organization’s premises.

These experts also provide impeccable data security over the internet which you can retrieve anytime for future reference. With the help of internet data archival, you can also save lots of money on hard disks and can keep the documents safe from natural or manmade disaster. The team of IT analysts will help you to analyze the buying pattern of your clients which will help you to make necessary changes in your business strategy.

Our expert personnel also work on different governmental and semi-governmental projects and do ethical hacking for the country. These experts provide impeccable security against the national security breach. Our experts will also help the nation to fight against terrorism and any other threat to the nation. Our experts can also design great looking mobile applications for your organization with which you can also reach to the potential customer even when you are offline.