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ALERT: We do NOT make outbound calls. If you receive a phone call pretending to be MM TECH TOOLS representative, asking for any personal information, renewal of services or stating company is shutting down or going out of business Please do not share any information or your computer screen.. Hang Up and YOU initiate and dial our phone number to ensure that you are talking to our staff.Please Reply if you have received any of such calls.

About Us

About Us

MMTechtools is a leading technical solutions company located in Plano Texas. We work with diversified clients which makes us very reliable and efficient. It doesn’t matter what is the size of your business; we are here to serve you and your every need. We have the capability of providing solutions to both home based clients as well as small and medium businesses. We use latest technology to provide you best technical support at a very low cost. Our mission is to give complete satisfaction to our customers and create long standing business relationships based on mutual trust and happy customers!

We offer large number of Technical Tools and solutions like:

  • I ) COMPLETE NETWORK MAINTENANCE WITH TWENTY-FOUR HELPDESK SERVICE: We make the functioning of your computer systems very user friendly. We offer you our services which might help you in changing your IT environment and will give you regular advice… absolutely free of cost!
  • II ) LIFE-TIME SOFTWARE SUPPORT SOLUTION AND REGULAR UPDATE OF SOFTWARE: This service is provided without any additional fees. Our network security setup is one of the most reliable security systems. We have technology that can prevent your organization from any type of breach. You can also use our network setup service for installing both wired and wireless type of networks.
  • III ) DATA MANAGEMENT: For any business organization, management of data is one of the most difficult tasks. We will give regular monitoring options, throughout your business cycle. You can keep track of all information related to your business and your employees. Our database management program uses high level of security option by which breach of information doesn’t take place.
  • IV ) CLOUD COMPUTING: You need to store all your business information very effectively. Our service of cloud computing will give you dedicated server to store all your business information. You can access all the required information by using cloud computing. We will also give you access rights, remotely, through any device and location. You can store unlimited information over your cloud server. Loss of information is very less if you are using any dedicated server.
  • V ) COMPUTER REPAIR SERVICES: While working sometimes your computer system might crash; we will give you computer repair service at your doorstep. It’s not just computer repair, it is repair of all the hardware and different components of your computer system. We will also give you mail management service by which you can send all your business information by using your company dedicated mail server.

Our mission is to transform your investment into efficient technical advantage using different strategies which are within your budget.

We will give very low price services with short term contract management. We do not force any client to get into long term contract with MMTechtools. If you don't like our service, you can switch to other company without asking any question.

We also offer different types of payment modes like online payment and payment in installment. We will give you free quotation about any service you want.

We have a team of well qualified and certified technical personnel, who are capable of solving any problem within given time. Our employees are trustworthy, you can safely share all the information related to your business with them without any worry.